Inner by Deadly Oak

Inner  by Deadly Oak


Deadly Oak, is a musical project from Sycantrhope Project (Vadym Sycantrhope), the artist who has more projects such as Sycantrhope (electro-experimental / dark ambient), Coven (Noise / Experimental / Dark ambient), Enearth (Dark Ambient / Atmospheric ), Sycantrhophylia (Experimental ambient post rock) & Dark Owl (Noisy Doom / Drone). 

Deadly Oak born in June 2016 under the initial name “Culture Pain”, but changes to launch first demo track named “New Dawn”. 

Deadly Oak is the little brother of Sycantrhope (musical project), but more defined and clearer focus. 

Deadly Oak is an experiment of the current Witch-house scene with its hybrid and industrial approach, to dub styles, darkwave, avant-garde etc. 

In October 2016, signed by the record label Hexx 9 Records, with the collaboration of Andrj Graves.


released October 21, 2016 

Members: Sycantrhope: All sound and effects.


tags: dark ambient electronic darkdub darkwave dub electroexperimental electronic hexx9 post-witch post-witchhousewitchhouse New York


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