Horror House by (o)†HERS

Horror House by (o)†HERS

o)†HERS has been crafting boundary-pushing experimental horror music under a number of aliases for an unknown time. (o)†HERS' music is at home in the moments before the blade appears and the flesh is cut, whether in film or imagination. Culling almost familiar samples from obscure cinema, layering thick writing synth lines over lurching and lumbering beats, furiously brushed with static, reversed layers and commanding noise detail, (o)†HERS simultaneously invokes reluctant dread and taboo excitement at the drama unfolding.

On this release the heavy layers of noise and confusion previously reveled in are stripped away, as we glimpse into the core of (o)†HERS' sound. Punchy 80's drums clear a path through vibrant synth strobes and warm pulsing bass, the righteous soundtrack for running through the night, followed by another. At times we are lost in a wilderness of tonal twists and mirages, ambling through (o)†HERS' ambient catacombs, unsure of where we'll emerge and whether we're ready to meet what is waiting there. 

While incorporating the beautiful array of production styles between (o)†HERS' myriad projects to disturb, distract and delight, this release shows a very focused and narrative idea boiled down with the vision and skill of the last century's best horror makers. Hexx 9 Records is thrilled to present Horror House.


released September 2, 2016


tags: electronic experimental experimental electronic horror witch house New York


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